Welcome to the site of holliday accommodation “Le Bourg” in Ouroux-en-Morvan.

This house used to be a factory for lemonade. It still has its water well in the basement of which the water was used for the production of lemonade. The year of construction of the little factory is unknown, but in 1987 it was converted into a private residence and till the end of the 90’s used as such. Since then the cottage is used as a holliday accommodation.

When you want to know more about the history of the village you can find a lot on the site: Ouroux-en-Morvan – Wikipedia

On top of this page on the left you see a view on the “bourg” of Ouroux en Morvan. The hosue right underneath the tower of the church is the concerning accommodation. And above on the right you see a view on the fishing lake in the village. Alongside you see a picture of the house.