Le Bourg
58230 Ouroux en Morvan
Latitude 47.18676113349247
Longitude 3.94455671310423
4747° 11′ 12.34″N
3° 56′ 40.404″E
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How to get to Ouroux-en-Morvan?
If you want to get directions from Google maps, click below under the “Maps” and select “directions”.
Use its own GPS system, make sure that you type the full name Ouroux-en-Morvan, because there are more places in France named Ouroux.
Ouroux arrived on Avenue Michel Baroin continue until the Mairie and turn right. After about 100 m you’ll see a sign ‘Ambiance Morvan, almost opposite the supermarket Vival. Go to Ambiance Morvan back and log it with the fam Metsch. They will bring you to our home and give you the keys.

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